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Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok, the news is out...

Well, the news is finally out. No more hints. No more subtleties. Yep, people know and it is kind of a relieve not having to keep it to ourselves anymore. Oh, in case you're not "in the know" let me inform you too, Rochelle is pregnant! The little "flutter" as the radiologist called it today is due September 8th or 12th (how's that for picking a definite date?). The heart beat is strong at 153 beats per minute and it is, well, shaped like an alien or something still. But it (he or she) is ours and we're excited.

Cori, Megan, and Emily are all excited as well and have been anticipating this for almost a year now. Every family meeting they just knew we were going to announce a brother or sister, but no, according to them we just gave them underwear, or told them we were going skiing or some other random bit of news. I'm so sorry we disappointed them all this time.

Anyway, the news is out so join us as we celebrate our coming son or daughter???

And yes, we have tentative names picked out (well, I have names I've agreed on with Rochelle but I am not so sure she is set with them yet. And having grown up with a name I have absolutely hated for 44 years I am very picky on what we call this kid... so, for those of you who want to make suggestions, thanks - but NO thanks:-)... Ok, you can make a suggestion but don't be surprised if I ignore you).

Keep us in your prayers...



Chaseafterhim said...

Let me know what the kids name will be and I'll come up with a sweet nickname for it!

Tisha said...

congratulations!!!! yay! i'm so excited for you and rochelle!