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Friday, August 28, 2009

Pregnancy Sympathy Pains (Pangs)?

Ok, Rochelle is a bundle of energy! She is due in less than 2 weeks and she has been a crazed Energizer Bunny for a month or more now! It is sickening I tell you! Me on the other hand? I don't have an ounce of energy, and the meager amount I do have lately seems to dissipate faster than I can replenish it with the pot of espresso I'm downing every morning, ugh! (Yes, espresso, that regular java stuff has no effect any more!).

I'm taking my vitamins, eating well, exercising, sleeping, you know, living right. Hmmm, I wonder if I could start taking Rochelle's prenatal vitamins? They seem to be doing phenomenal things for her. I don't remember all this going on with my 3 daughters, is this normal? Of course I wasn't 44 with them either, but I have always been the energetic one, up at 5:30 AM ready to charge into the day. Now I drag out of bed ready to down a pot of coffee.

I'm chalking it all up to sympathy pains or pangs, lol. The fatigue, leg cramps, back aches (that's all me, not Rochelle) will surely go away once Jack gets here, right? Please tell me it's so! I'm not complaining mind you, I simply don't have the energy to complain. I'm just sharing my journey, you know, that whole misery loves company thing. I just hope I have enough energy to be awake when Jack does get here.

If any of you have some energy boosts please let me know. I not only need it now but I know I'm going to need it in a couple weeks!

Lead strong, whether fatigued or not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Practicing the Leadership Equation

Our pastor asked me to fill the pulpit next Sunday (August 16 at First Nazarene Church - Amarillo. If you're not doing anything that morning come join us, I could use the moral support) and Rochelle and the girls asked me if I knew what I was going to preach on? I told them "of course I did." Not believing me that asked for Scripture texts, a short snippet, etc. Not ever being the one to share my sermon too early (hey, if I did they wouldn't come, lol) I respectfully declined to share anything with them. So, not believing I had given it any thought they pressed me further so I told them I was preaching on the power of relationships. "Big surprise" they all said! But isn't that a good thing? They know me and they know my life message. Leadership=Relationships+Influence. I am glad they weren't surprised and that they know me that well. But since then it has ramped up to where I am having to put into practice my life philosophy of leadership (did I tell you it is Leadership=Relationships+Influence? Just checking).

At Amarillo College Dr. Matney has asked me to help facilitate a project that seems to have come to an impasse. It's had really good people involved until now and the project has been asked for by area business and industry, so the need is there. From all appearances it has become a people issue... you guessed it, relationships. Not that the relationships are bad, but when you get several strong willed personalities together sometimes personalities can overshadow the task at hand. I enjoy working with all the people at the table and I love facilitating projects, so of course I am ramped up about the task! More exciting to me is practicing and proving (at least to myself) that the philosophy of Leadership=Relationships+Influence really works.

Everybody has their own unique personalities and qualities, and seeing them lived out in relationships is exhilarating and a little intimidating at times. But out of these relationships come great opportunities for growth, productivity, collaboration, and new friendships. Appreciating our differences, building on our commonalities, and using our strengths to overcome our weaknesses allows for incredible things to happen.

I'm looking forward to the task at hand. Take every opportunity to engage in relationships. Yes they can be intimidating (you can use whatever adjective you want), but the rewards are so much greater. Prove the equation wrong if you can, but I firmly believe that true leadership at all levels and in all situations stems from relationships and the influence you bring to those relationships. Of course, you can't remove yourself from relationships and you have to choose the kind of influence you want to bring to those relationships as well.


Lead Strong,