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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jack's Baby Dedication

Yesterday we celebrated God's gift of life by having Jack dedicated at church. It was a fantastic morning for Rochelle and I, along with Cori, Megan, Emily, Mema, Grandpa and Grandma Tregellas, and members of our Life Group at FNC. A special gift came from a great friend. Jimmy Rifenberg wrote and sang a song for the special day which can be seen and heard on Rochelle's blog (I know, I know, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to my blog). Jimmy is truly gifted of God as you'll be able to tell once you view the video.
Our pastor and friend John Donnerberg challenged us as parents to raise Jack up in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord and then charged our family, friends, and church to assist us with his nurture. It is great to be a part of a wonderful church family, and to have the support of our family.
To be given the gift of parenthood is an awesome blessing and responsibility. My faith and reliance upon God grows everyday as I watch 3 beautiful daughters take their individual places among their peers. Now it is time to raise Jack to take his place and help lead others as well. My daily prayer is that God would enable me to be the husband Rochelle needs each day and the father Cori, Megan, Emily, and Jack need during each phase of their life journey as well. As parents, may you share a similar prayer.
Lead Strong, your family needs you (and so does mine).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choosing the "BEST" Pathway for Your Life

Where has the time gone?? Jack is 10 weeks old as of yesterday and I don't think I've even thought about this blog during that time. But here I am.

Last night at church during our prayer service I was reading through the Psalms and came across a verse that must have meant something to me at one time or another because it was highlighted in my Bible. As I re-read it the verse came back alive for me all over again. Psalm 32:8 says, "I (the Lord) will lead you down life's BEST pathway. I will guide you and watch out for you." Wow! What a powerful verse of scripture. If you're anything like me you've tried to force a lot of things into place at one time or another during your life. Or maybe, like me, you have chosen some things that you just knew we're ordained of God somehow. But I am so glad that when we are in relationship with God, and that is the key - a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ-that He wants to lead us down the BEST pathway for our life. Not just any pathway, or an easy fix pathway, or a well paying pathway, but the BEST possible pathway imaginable for our lives. That's totally amazing to think about!

But I think that goes farther than just us when we strive to be leaders. Remember, Leadership = Relationships + Influence. Just as I am in relationship with God and He leads me down the best pathway for my life, as I am in relationship with others I also need to help influence them to choose the best pathway for their lives. That's an incredible responsibility and privilege.

Who in your life today could use a little godly influence to help them choose the best pathway for their life? Build those relationships every day and influence them. In so doing your leadership equation comes to life and grows exponentially.

Lead Strong,