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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

God's Desires - Our Desires

Wow, how things can change in just a couple months time. On April 11th I posted that I had been filling in as interim pastor for our church and that several people had asked me to consider allowing my name to come before the church as full time lead pastor. At that time Rochelle and I had prayed and believed that the Lord was not asking us to do this. I firmly believed that we did indeed pray. However, I think I was too focused on what I believed God wanted versus what He was asking of me.

You see, I knew the position in front of us, but God's real call was to obedience, regardless of the position in front of us. Sometimes following the call of God into obedience makes no sense and has little human logic to it. That's the point I guess. Reckless abandon to God and His call. Oswald Chambers once wrote that "if I will [truly] come to Jesus my actual life will be brought into accordance with my real desires."

Obedience still lead us to allowing my name to come before the church as lead pastor, and on Sunday, June 10 the church indeed voted favorably to call us as their pastor and family. So you might say, what happened from April 11 to June 10 if the outcome was the same. But you see, the outcome was not the same. Leading up to April 11 I had been praying about a position. Leading up to June 10 I had been praying about obedience to a call. Big difference!

It is easy to get our pray life focused on what we determine to be the actualities of our lives versus the desires of our lives and how they line up with God's call, and God does place an individual call in all of our lives when we come to Him.

Has God ever changed your mind? It is a humbling, freeing, overwhelming experience.

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