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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Handling the STORMs of life...

Wow! Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a seminar hosted by Amarillo Area Foundation. Ron Archer was the guest speaker (his life story would be enough to warrant buying his books or seeing him in person) and he shared some powerful truth about life... here's a short synopsis:

First; our world is facing what he calls the "4 C's of the 21st Century"
*Overwhelming Complexity
*Increasing Competition
*Unintended Consequences
* Accelerated Change

These "4 C's" can create incredible STORMs (Significant Trauma Overwhelming Reasonable Minds) and how we deal with these STORMs determines our life response and focus. Consider the Wizard of OZ. Of all the great characters, the storm is the real star of the movie because it altered everyone's life. Consider the responses to the storm:
*Dorothy lost her way for a while
*The Tin Man lost his mobility (literally rusted stiff) and was stuck in a rut
*The Scare Crow lost his mind and couldn't think clearly
*The Lion lost heart
*The Wizard chose to live in a facade

Now the truth of the matter is that we all face and will continue to face STORMS in life. The question for each of us today is how we will respond to the STORMs of life? Will they make you Better or Bitter?

Just something to think about, especially in light of today's economic unrest.

Lead Strong in the face of the STORM,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Life is busy, to say the least...

Wow, I cannot believe I haven't posted for so long. When your daughter tells you to update your blog you know it's been too long. So, Megan, I am updating...

Despite the economic downturn, we are extremely busy at Amarillo College in Workforce Development. Organizations are trying to find creative ways to educate their workforce, not downsize any more than they need to, and retain the employees they have. It is amazing to me that in today's tight economy employees are still jumping ship for .50 cents an hour more some where else(?). The trouble is that for some as soon as they jump ship their new employer goes under and they cannot return to their previous employer. Thinking things through is not every one's gift evidently.

Rochelle and I are busy with our Life Group, trying to birth a new Life Group, our Sunday School class, and generally trying to support and advance the work of the Kingdom through our local church.

Rochelle is busy traveling, and at the same time trying to maintain our home (which she is exceptional at), and prepare for the coming bundle of joy in September. And I have started law school, which may be the most challenging educational endeavor yet.

Cori and Megan are busy at SNU. Cori graduates next December and is thinking of just staying in OKC this summer to work full-time. Megan is preparing for her trip to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa this summer and is busy enlisting support. Emily is running track, playing golf, competing in UIL Public Speaking (the benefits of a small school is that you get to try everything), and staying very active with the youth group at church.

So, maybe this explains the lack of blog posts. But all in all, life is great!!

God bless,