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Friday, January 23, 2009

Orange and Blue go with everything, right?

Ok, I like orange and blue. I think they're bright colors that are easy to coordinate other bright colors with. Denim on the other hand is not on my top list of favorites (sorry honey), black leather on the other hand... just kidding. Hmmm, now the yellow walls as a base with orange and blue accents (curtains, pillows, bedding...) sounds ok.

So, what to do you think of that mix. I think anyone would be comfortable in a nice bright room like that, don't you. And the room has some great windows with lots of sunlight from the south/southwest. I can see it in my mind, looks cool to me (but I am not always the best judge, but I know what I like and especially what I don't). This is harder than we thought, but we'll figure out in time.

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