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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is life getting busier or are we busying up life?

"WOW," that was the response I received yesterday from a great friend and brother in the Lord. He was responding to all that is going on in our lives right now. Rochelle travels a lot with her career which keeps us busy, my career is as full as I can make it (I get bored easily), we are at all of Emily's basketball games (I can't help it, I am proud of her starting on her varsity team as a sophomore... it's a dad thing), we teach Sunday School, lead a Life Group, oversee the Life Group ministry and are starting a new Life Group in February and then I had the bright idea of going to Law School to get my JD (I already have my doctorate... 1 is never enough). Add to that 2 daughter is college... maybe I should say "WOW!"

To me, it really doesn't seem like that big a deal, we just go with the adventure. Life is busy, and if it is not busy enough we just add to it (there is that ADD thing again, and I think Rochelle's is worse than mine). With all these things taken into consideration, I have a sneaky suspicion that we haven't seen the half of it. I am betting that we are about to ramp up to the height of busyness! All things consider, I'm ready for it... Bring It On!!

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Rochelle said...

Oh baby... I think life is going to get crazy for sure! Glad I'm on the ride with you! Love you!