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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Building Trust

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Chamber of Commerce banquet in Hereford, TX (beef capitol of the world). Amongst the food and awards the guest speaker was David Horsager; author, speaker, businessman, and illusionist. While promoting his book Trust Edge I was reminded of the simple, yet profound impact of building trust in our lives, families, and organizations. Horsager promotes 8 pillars of trust, pillars worth building into our lives, families, and organizations.

8 Pillars of Trust from Trust Edge : David Horsager
1. Consistency
2. Clarity
3. Compassion (consisting of 3 elements that make up the LAW of compassion)
  L: listen
  A: appreciation
  W: wake up
4. Character (do what's right over what's lazy; be good!)
5. Competency
6. Contribution
7. Connection
8. Commitment
Nothing jaw dropping in what Horsager said, but still relevant, simple, profound truth. He made me stop and think about the organisms I'm a part of. More so, he made me question my own leadership and ask myself if I am building trust.
Go buy the book Trust Edge, and if you get a chance go listen to Horsager speak. It'll be worth your time, even if just to remind you of the importance of trust. You'll definitely know if your organization has it or not.

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