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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Even... Psalm 25:3b

I received an interesting anonymous package yesterday at work which tries to indict an employee as using improper actions to help another employee gain a new position. There are all kinds of ramifications going on here and it all makes me sad, laugh, and become frustrated all at once. I'm working through this as we usher in 2012 (Happy New Year to me, ha) with caution, trying to hold my human preferences at bay and not jump to hasty conclusions or decisions. In so doing I came across Psalm 25:3b in my daily devotional readings today.  
"... shame comes to those who are treacherous without cause."

I am not naive and I am confident of those who may be involved in all this. Trying to get even, or in our own mind get justice, can be a very dangerous thing. Whether legitimately wronged or not, vengeance is not something we're very good at. Maybe that's why the Lord said vengeance belonged to Him? Getting even (vengeance) most often back fires on us and it could very well in this incidence? Sometimes we believe we are just in our actions to get even, but in the larger scheme of things I think we often fall into the category of King David's words, "... without cause."

I wonder how many times we act hastily to our own detriment? What we perceive as just cause in our own minds needs to be held up against God's standard of just cause. Better yet, in most cases it's just better to let it all go and not be put to shame.

I'm not sure of the outcome of this yet, but I am confident that someone will be exposed to shame, if not worse.

Lead Strong in difficult circumstances,


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Heather Voran said...

This reminds me of the reading we did at the session at Region 16 a couple of weeks ago.

Great observations!