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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Perspectives

The other night while taking our dogs for their evening walk Rochelle decided to reverse our normal route. While this is no big deal, to someone like me who struggles with a touch of OCD it caused a little discomfort. However, Emily happened to be with us and made a pretty profound statement, "It's amazing what you see when you change directions."

I've been thinking about what Emily so nonchalantly said ever since. As leaders (anyone for that matter) we can get so focused on where we're going that we miss things along the way that can make the journey all the more enjoyable, or even doable. Emily was absolutely right, because we had become so accustomed to taking the same route day after day we missed things along the way. But when we changed our direction we all of a sudden noticed things that were there all the time but that we missed because we were so focused on our chosen direction. The funny thing is as Emily pointed out, we still arrived at our chosen destination, but with a new perspective. Maybe it's just me, but that statement holds a lot of truth, leave it to a 17 year old with senioritis.

As I've been thinking about Emily's comments I've started to apply them to some tasks I'm working on. Have I been so focused on my destination and the route I've chosen to get there that I've missed things a long the way? Is there another route that can lead me to my preferred destination while giving me new perspectives? Have I made the journey more arduous then it should be by being locked into my route? Have I missed some incredible things along the way by not changing my route soon enough? Wow Emily, you've really made me think. Out of the mouth of babes as Scripture says.

I encourage you to think about this as well. By the way, last night Rochelle completely changed our route... enough is enough Rochelle. My OCD can only handle so much at once.

Lead Strong,


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