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Friday, April 15, 2011

Be careful you don't lose focus

I love busyness! I love work and the stress caused from work (I know, a little weird, huh?). But I also was reminded over the past couple weeks how easily it is to lose focus in the midst of doing the very things you enjoy. Remember the old cliche', "you can't see the forest for the trees."

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what we're doing that we can lose focus of why we're actually doing it. For me in my profession it's all about students and their success. As we approach another graduation season I'm reminded of the struggles students face to finish their educations, search for jobs, switch careers, balance family, work, and school, and for some just make it through.

Rochelle also shares my profession and her compassion this past week reminded me again of our focus. Not to embarrass her but she reached out this past week to help a student who was doing the very best she could to improve her life. But life outside the classroom was interfering with life inside the classroom. Rather than write her off Rochelle got involved on a personal level and rallied support form others and helped this young lady in a way that no one had ever done for her before (you'll have to ask Rochelle for the rest of the details, but it is amazing what God can do when people are obedient and include Him in their professional lives).

Have you taken a good look at the forest lately or are you so focused on a single tree that you've forgotten how amazing the forest is? Take a step back, breath in deep, thank God for allowing you to be where you are and to do what you are doing. Then, move forward with a renewed sense of direction, passion, and focus.

Just a thought,

Lead Strong!!


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