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Monday, October 20, 2008

Practice what you preach... UGH!

Okay, for past two weeks I have been teaching in our Life Group about handling the "inconveniences of life" and our attitude. I know enough to know that when you start teaching about something and encouraging others God's sense of humor kicks in and you are confronted with practicing what you preach. Well, it's my turn. Last night as we were leaving Life Group I had the bright idea to back into our hosts driveway and leave their subdivision the way we came in. Who knew or could see their mailbox sitting right there. You guessed it, for my birthday this week I am buying our good friends a new mailbox and post, complete with installation.

As if that was not enough, last night I sat down on the side of our bed (which by the way is a very large and heavy framed all wood bed, not a cheapy by any means) to get ready for bed and you guessed it, the bed collapsed under me. I don't think I am over weight at 180 pounds(?).

Point is, life happens. Better a mailbox than a small child behind the van that I couldn't see. And at least our little dog Coal Miner wasn't under the bed like he usually is at that time of night.

I knew I was going to have to practice what I preach, I only hope I can continue to carry a positive attitude and display Christ in lives little inconveniences.

Lead Strong...


Anonymous said...

Oh daddy, I am sorry. That sounds like a rough couple of days. At least Coal didn't get squished, right? I love you...go do something fun for your birthday!

they keep me laughing said...

hitting a mail box and having the bed collapse? that sounds like my life!