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Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothing Broken This Weekend...

Hey, I'm so excited, I made it through the weekend with backing into a friends mailbox or breaking any more furniture. Many of my friends (and family) found something to laugh about over my dilemma. I am so glad I could brighten your day a little. Life is full of things to laugh about when we realize life is not near as serious as we make it or take it.

Rochelle was trying to grab a 20 minute nap Sunday afternoon and I was watching Home Improvement reruns (Rochelle has bought me several seasons of Home Improvement) and she said she kept hearing me laugh or chuckle (I really was trying to hold it in). She asked what was so funny? Life, even life lived out in a sitcom. Art really does imitate life. Things happen that are just funny. Case in point, the other night coming home from our Life Group we passed a man kneeling over with his shoulder against a telephone pole as he was trying to staple some sort of sign to the pole. Now at 8:00 at night in the dark it looked like he was trying to hold the pole up and keep it from falling on passing cars. As we drove by I told Rochelle how grateful I was that he kept the pole from falling on our van, which come to find out had just got a new dent in the rear from the mailbox that rear ended me. I thought it was hilarious the way this guy looked... I am sure that pole was heavy.

Could it be that some of the things you are taking so seriously right now could be just plain funny when looked at from a new perspective? Next time the seriousness of life gets too overwhelming, stop and see if you can see things through new lenses and find a reason to laugh. Life is funny and I think God finds some of the things we do humorous as well. So laugh a little and enjoy the life God has allowed you to live. It makes the journey a whole lot more fun for everyone.

Lead Strong,


Tisha said...

Love your blog posts, they are so full of optimism. I'm sorry, but I laughed about the bed breaking. I am a bad niece.

Shawn M. Fouts said...

Well, I was able to fix hte bed and $178.00 later the friends mailbox too. It's all good, and funnier every day.