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Monday, March 15, 2010


I wonder if there is a laxative for blog posting irregularity? Oh, I know that's gross, get over it. Looking back at my posts it seems that I have a monthly blogging syndrome; posting on a monthly basis whether I need to or not. It's not that I'm not interested, it's more that I am having to choose what gets my attention. Work is great, but the new position is crazy busy. I actually didn't know you could cram so many meetings into one day. And because I have responsibility on two different campuses and most meetings seem to be scheduled on the Washington St. campus I find myself in transit a lot. Rochelle is still traveling quite a bit (that is actually an understatement, she's been traveling a lot lately) so once I get home with Jack I don't really want to post a blog. I just want to hang out with him, get him ready for bed, and by then go to bed myself. Add in wanting to spend time with Emily, keep up with Cori and Megan in OKC, church, etc. and the days get real short - real fast. No complaints, just causing me to prioritize and choose more wisely. Unfortunately, blogging has not made the top ten yet.

But as I write this blog post it strikes me that I am practicing good leadership. I am choosing the most important things to do and having to let other things go. I wonder what else I could let go of? I know the cell phone thing looks like an earring lately. But, it is an iPhone and has saved my professional life in past few months (thanks Rochelle for convincing me to get this thing). But what else could go? Hmmm, am I, are you, doing things that we've always done but we really can't explain why we do them? Choosing the most important, delegating what we can, and just plain letting go of other things. That really is good leadership.

I need to tell you, letting go of things can be painful. Maybe more so for those of us who are a little driven. And there are still times that I sense a little guilt for not doing all that I used to to do or think that only I can do. But I am so much more productive and useful by letting go of things. I have realized that I am surrounded by great people. I have two highly competent division chairs that run their divisions well. We have awesome instructors and support staff and things run well. The college is run by a great president and cabinet, and my personal support staff is awesome. Not to mention my incredible wife, kids, church, and friends. All these things make letting go easier, and I actually find that I have more time to invest in the lives of others.

Come to think of it, if you have a blog post laxative keep it. If I only get to the blog once a month then that it good enough for me. Choosing the more important things is just good leadership and working well for me. As I continue on this journey and develop more and more of a routine (like that's really going to happen) I'll post more. But until then it's the monthly blogging syndrome for me. And I'm okay with that.

Lead Strong (and choose wisely what you invest your time in),


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