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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Day...

Well, today is my last day as Executive Director of Worth the Wait. And, while I am excited about the next phase of my journey and beginning my new position with Amarillo College tomorrow I am a little saddened. The staff I have at WTW has been incredible and together we have accomplished more than the board of directors ever thought possible. And the mission of WTW is so worthy. But yet returning to higher education is exhilerating.

The team at AC have been so inviting and I am excited to become a part of that team. They really seem to have their act together and I already have my name on the office door, business cards on order, and my computer is ready for me. It is fun entering into a position that wants you with them so much. My nervousness with AC is the hope that I can add value to an already strong team. I am excited and anxious to become a valuable team member!

Last days are hard, looking forward to tomorrow eases the tension for me (not for the WTW staff though). Here goes, good bye WTW - hello AC.

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