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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Since February I've had the privilege of filling the pulpit of our church. Our Pastor resigned in January to pursue other opportunities the Lord was presenting him with and I was glad to be of service. Since I pastored for 11 years filling the pulpit has brought back wonderful memories and a feeling of satisfaction in bringing God's Word to his people. However, since I have been away from full time church ministry for 9 years and I did not save previous sermons, or even "recycle" sermons for that reason it has been a learning time as I research, study, and write new sermons.

In this process several people have asked me if I would consider throwing my name into the pool of candidates to be our churches next pastor. I've spent time in prayer and spoken with Rochelle, and although flattered I really do not sense the Lord leading me that way. That was a tough decision, knowing that people want you to do something, and even believe the Lord is leading that way and you do not have that same calling.

Serving the church as an interim is a blessing and I pray He leads my speaking and teaching. I pray that the Lord can use me to lead the church through our time of transition and continue to work through "one of the least of these." Honestly, the decision to follow the Lord and not do what some you trust would want you to do is difficult. But knowing that your decision is in line with God is a wonderful confirmation.

Leaders make difficult decisions every day. I'm grateful the God I serve wants to be a part of my everyday decisions.

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