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Monday, March 14, 2011

More from Marcus Aurelius

"A man must stand erect (on his own) and not be held erect by others." ~Marcus Aurelius

Isn't it curious how a person can rise to fame or power with no regard for those who helped get him/her there, but if they fall from that position it is someone else fault?

If you achieve some place of honor or status on your own and subsequently fall from that position take the responsibility on yourself for such a fall. If you rose to that position with the help of others and subsequently fall, still take the responsibility upon yourself for such a fall. Our culture is one of self promotion and blame, rising to this or that position on our own merits but always removed due to the fault of others.

Our own sense of integrity and moral value are the aids which help us stand erect, not those of others. My position cannot be built on the integrity of others for surely then I am doomed to fall. But it is still not the fault of others that I should fall, it is rather still my own for building on the lives of others and not mine own.

Stand erect on your own. If a Christian, then you truly do have someone else who holds you erect, that of the person of Jesus Christ. However, if you are to fall, it is not Jesus Christ's fault, but still your own for straying from His person-hood being lived out within you that surely caused you to fall. So, take the responsibility for the fall on your self, much the same as you would if you built your position without him. The responsibility is still your own. Return to Him to provide the grace to restore you from your fall. Notice how different this is from those who do not have a relationship with Christ.

Build your own sense of integrity and moral value. Stand erect on those principles. Do not allow yourself to be caught away with the allure of others integrity and moral values for these are not your own. If you profess faith in Jesus Christ, build your life on His integrity and moral values (saving grace and person-hood), make His your own and then stand erect.

Ask yourself if you are standing erect on your own integrity or on the lives of others? Ask yourself who you blamed for your last fall?

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