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Friday, July 17, 2009

Time is Short

Wow, approximately 54 days and counting till little Jackson Cooper enters the world. I have to say approximately because after 3 daughters I have realized that the due date is really the doctors best guesstimation. I wonder if being an older dad will make me a better dad? As I look at 3 great daughters, all unique in themselves, I wonder what kind of influence I have ultimately been? Have I lead them closer to Christ? Have I taught them the value of relationships? Have I showed them how to make their journey through life joyful and thus successful? Have I instilled a sense of responsibility in them to take the initiative and be leaders in all of their interactions (remember, my philosophy of leadership is Leadership = Relationships + Influence? One thing I do know is that I have created 3 biker dudets! That is worth something, right? And, I already have Jack's first leather motorcycle jacket picked out. Since Rochelle travels the ear ring and tat will come when she's out of town (jk Rochelle, but it would send a shock wave through your family that would be felt several states away, lol).

I can be a leader at work, in my role in the church, and other areas, but if I am not first a leader in the home I am no leader at all. Rochelle needs me to be, Cori, Megan, and Emily need me to be, and in less than 2 months Jack will need me to be. Christian, husband, father, leader have to come in that order.

Wow, so much responsibility - but greater privilege. Hmmm, I think I need a motorcycle ride to let it all sink in. I wonder if I could find a car seat to fit my bike?

Lead Strong,

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Anonymous said...

Dad, I could never ask for a better father. You have taught me respect, hard work, how to show God's love to those around me, and have showed me what a fantastic Christian looks like. You will always be my role model and hero. I love you more than anything could ever describe. You have done splendidly with me, Megan, and Emily and I know you will be the perfect father of a rambunctious little boy.
Love You!