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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Losing our focus

I've been really struggling lately about how quickly we can lose our focus and forget our original mission. When you are struggling to get your message out the passion carries you and literally propels you into the world, proclaiming what you know needs to be heard. But when that message is, not only heard, but sought out by others it seems our passion can wane and the mission can become business. And unfortunately business can soon supersede our mission and even begin to dictate how others are being affected by the message.

Personally, I'm wrestling with what to do with this in my own life as I have been disillusioned recently by a longtime "hero" of sorts in my own world. Now, whether it was actually him or the business that his mission has turned into I don't know, but ultimately doesn't he still control the business which blossomed out of the mission? But, this is no different from what can happen to any of us who find success in our mission.

The challenge to myself and others is to not lose sight of the mission in the face of business; personally, professionally, spiritually, or otherwise. Hmm, I wonder how this affects Christianity in America??? Do we really want to go there???

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