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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow, am I tired!

I know, I know. We all feel tired on occasion and "burn the candle at both ends" from time to time. My fear is though that if we do this for too long we run the risk of not just falling behind, but completely "dropping the ball" on important people and projects in the process (my greatest fear is dropping the ball on important people).

In the scheme of things I probably do not have any more "irons in the fire" then you do (you just have to love all these metaphors, don't you?) but this last weekend finally caught me. It was a great weekend with my brother, whom I hadn't seen for 4 years, watching Emily play some of the best basketball I have ever seen her play, touring the Amarillo area, hitting the Cadillac Ranch, Big Texan Steak House, The Cross in Groom, and Palo Duro Canyon. Not to mention church and enjoying family. Maybe it was staying up till midnight and 1:00 am that really did me in, especially since I am usually in bed by 10:00, but yesterday I could hardly function. Today is better, but I've been reminded that you really cannot manage time, you can only manage yourself within the time allotted.

I am determined that if anything has to "fall through the cracks" (there's another metaphor for you) that it will not be people in my life. How about you? Tired? Are you trying to manage time instead of managing yourself within your time allotted? This past weekend got my attention, and while I would not trade it for anything, it did remind me of the need to better manage myself.

Okay now, work, family, church... Rochelle, where did I put that law book I was reading for class?

Lead Strong by beginning with yourself,


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Maxine said...

These articles you have written are amazing and have surely helped me and taught me today - thank you!